About me

In 1998 I eagerly started to develop my job as a Business Consultant. With an education training as economist specialised in Leadership Development and the experience in strategic management of projects, I have committed to Value Creation in the public and private organizations I collaborate with.

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  • Micaela Navarro Garzón

    It is easy to describe the feelings José María Zambrano generates to me. José María is a reliable person. He faces forward people and troubles. He is a solid worker, always exploring new opportunities without putting work at risk. I am sure he will not give up in the face of adversities. I had the good fortune to meet him in a difficult time of great complexity, where he could know how to provide solutions.

    Micaela Navarro Garzón

    Minister for Equality and Social Welfare

    Government of Andalucia. 2012

  • Gabriel M. Pérez Alcalá

    During my 25 years of teaching at University I have met very few people with the desire for self-improvement, working capacity and ability of adaptation José María has. His open mind and his learning capacity make him the ideal partner for any business venture or initiative.

    Gabriel M. Pérez Alcalá

    Loyola Andalucía University Rector

  • Xavier Gimbert Ràfols

    I first met José María a few years ago while I was his teacher in Leadership Development Program (LDP) at ESADE Business School. Even then, he was really keen to learn and grow intellectual and professionally. His interest, intelligence and ability made him the kind of participant every teacher wishes to have. These traits together with his dedication at work have made him grow year after year. I am sure his progress will not stop.

    Xavier Gimbert Ràfols

    Latin America Area Director of ESADE Business School

  • José Rafael Rich

    Jose Maria is enormously creative person, a quality that together with his loyalty and professionalism makes him an irreplaceable manager in any project. He can lead any project with ability to empathize and capacity in team building.

    José Rafael Rich

    Cajasur Bank President Welfare 2010

  • Susana Martín Gijón

    José Maria instils the confidence and eagerness of those who believe in what they are doing. He takes responsibility and commitment alongside with the smile that he seldom wipes away. Inspirational for those around him.

    Susana Martín Gijón

    Human Rights Lawyer

  • Ismael Santiano

    An outstanding work of one of the best reorganizers of public companies, as shown by his economic results. In a political context where the public sector management and its continuation is questioned, Jose María can draw a road map for a political class extraordinarily disoriented and without ideas. A real inspiration.

    Ismael Santiano

    Financial Director M2M Marketplace, S.L.