Sunday, 17 May 2015 19:05

Competir con Personas

Las empresas no existen, existen las personas.

Competir en costes, competir en segmentación, competir en especificidad o con una combinación de estas tres estrategias es a lo que nos acostumbró Porter. ¿Y si compitiésemos por tener al mejor equipo? ¿Hay hueco para este objetivo en estas estrategias? Sí.

Vamos a un restaurante porque deseamos comer de la mano de una cocinera Michelin, contratamos a una consultora porque confiamos en un consultor determinado, compramos en un supermercado porque nos atienden muy bien y somos asiduos lectores de un dominical donde escribe nuestra periodista preferida. Sin duda, somos usuarios de estas empresas por el valor que nos ofrecen las personas que trabajan en ellas. Podríamos decir que compiten con personas.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 00:00

The Future Starts Now

Leading our future.

Creating a company where you can devote all your effort is exciting. Taking decisions based on your experiences and expectations, the things you can bring to the market, to the society where you live and what you expect to get in return, is a job that requires equal doses of methodology and creativity.

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Coincidence or Causation?

When chance is the basis of the decisions, cases like Seville are found, where one of its future financial icons is a great building without a financial system to be represented.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014 09:58

Making the complex simple

Leading and communicating

A group of people is in London, Fortaleza, Berlin and Seville, for dining ... what time to get there? Where to go? Which restaurant will they choose? We are used to the routines between human groups and the use of communication technology facilitates these small decisions not always beyond small conflicts.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 16:16

How do we increase sales?

Selling more or better?

This is the request, desire and goal of the organizations in which I collaborate. In the business Re-Invention processes, solving organizational problems, design strategies, etc ... I am always asked, how do we increase sales?

Sorry, but I always answer with three questions: Who do we want to sell? What do we sell? and How do we want to do it? Today I will discuss only the first two questions.


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Boring Boards of Directors = Fools Limited

Interesting Boards of Directors = Fun Limited

The Board of Directors which I have attended can be divided into two types, the Interesting and the Boring ones.

The economic importance of some companies with Boards of the Fools Limited type, perhaps influenced too much in the old economy. In this new economic era the companies with Boards of the Fun Limited type will influence more.

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