Business Internationalization


In the old economic model there were local companies developed in a local setting, with local customers, employees, suppliers and rules. This old model does not exist in the current context and everybody has started to form part of a global business relationship model.

Geopolitics, the international demand of our products, of our resources, the changes in the international trends, the origin in the sources of finance and the foreign opinion about our country have turned our businesses into global companies.

may not
be enough

Local markets may not be interesting enough so that its demand, its technological capacity or its finance can maintain our business. Would it be a good idea to plan ahead for?

The internationalization of our business model is no longer an aspiration for elite business in our country. In fact, it has changed from being a success to become a need for national companies and economies.

Making my
business model
profitable in other
markets is exciting

Which area of my business model can be positioned out of the local environment?

Who can be our local / international business partner?

How can we make profitable other markets evolution?

Working about the last three questions is a complex and exciting process and I encourage you to start it.