Cities Strategy

Economic and
Social Strategic Planning

The competitive Positioning of a Town in its area is not a chance result, not even the sum of isolated efforts. The contribution of a Town Vision, the role the Town must play in its area, a Political Leadership that starts the project, carries it out and transmit it to citizenship are essential elements in creating an effective Positioning. In other words, Positioning is created by the sum of specific actions that citizens and external observers may consider as a part of a project.


There has been several stages of Strategic Urban Planning and the commonest feature in them has been the creation of a link for the Spatial, Social and Economic Planning, giving  a real integral role to the shared objectives of Local Governments and their citizens.

Decisiones Colectivas
Town Vision
Town Leadership
Collective Decisions

The Town Vision, once it is possible and has been accepted, becomes a key aspect in political practice, in business, administrative, social, union and cultural decision making, but  above all, it is essential in civic decision making.

The leadership in Towns in 21th Century is democratic, shared, well-known or recognised, and its absence is leading many territories to one of its deepest economic, political and social crisis, and therefore to the system crisis.

As a result of the generation of the Town Vision, the strategic planning techniques must be used to establish the consensus among social agents that make it possible that Town Leadership that influences in decision making can be exercise.